Borderlands 3 Midnight Release

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Borderlands is almost here, but exactly when you ll be able to play it depends on your platform of choice and your time zone. For console players Borderlands s official release date is Sept. at midnight in every time zone..Here s when Borderlands will be available to play on PlayStation and Xbox One consoles, which will see a rolling midnight release for most .Here s what time Borderlands launches today in pretty much every , which more or less follows your typical midnight launch for a release .Might seem like a silly topic but I plan on doing a hour stream on release. However, I am getting a little nervous as I purchased it through the .Borderlands Release Times When Can You Start Playing? Borderlands will see a rolling midnight unlock on consoles, which means borderlands 3 midnight release.

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  • Borderlands Midnight Release Youtube

    I upload video games. Lol, follow me on Twitter @QuezSlayz I’m going try to put together an upload schedule for you guys..

  • Borderlands Release Times And Preload Times For Pc Ps

    On consoles, the release date for Borderlands is Sept. , and for most players that means they’ll be able to play it starting at midnight in their time zone on that day. The one exception to .

  • Borderlands Global Launch Timings Revealed Rolling

    Outside of North America, Borderlands is scheduled to launch at midnight local time in all time zones, meaning the game will what’s known as a ‘rolling midnight’ release. In North America .

  • When Can You Play Borderlands

    We’re now less than two weeks away from the worldwide launch of Borderlands on PlayStation , Xbox One, and PC. No matter which platform you’re playing on, we’re happy to announce that Borderlands will be available for download roughly hours ahead of borderlands 3 midnight release .

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