Files Required For Gta Online Ps4

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Everytime I try to join GTA Online it gives me this alert “Files required to Return to Grand Theft Auto V” I am on PS and I ve tried getting on for .When I try to connect to gta online. I ve searched the web and found some solutions resetting cache, changing ps time to manual and back, going through .DNS Watch Primary Secondary .Solved bypass Files required to play GTA Online could not be downloaded after reset cache and format ps and i still get this messagge .I didnt play GTA for about a month, it worked fine then but I recently saying the files required to play GTA online cant be downloaded from the .Other online games are working fine and my friends are playing GTA Online I already tried re installing the game PS by the way , changing .HOW TO FIX “files required to play gta online could not be downloaded *WORKING JULY * PS XBOX. by adminPosted on .Files required to play GTA Online error.”. Region PS CUH A, North American Wii U, Region European PS Fat CECHL.

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