How To Restart Klondike Adventure

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Android is the operating system of a smart phone, where the function of the operating system is to run or to control the performance of the cell phone at the time of its operation. So that’s why, the applications that are installed on the cell phone and run with the rest. To get these applications, smartphone users can download it through PlayStore. Game-based applications are one of the applications that are most in demand by users of these Android-based smartphones. however, unfortunately after all the game features have been played, the game cannot be returned from the beginning again. One way to overcome this problem is to reset again. Next we will explain how to reset Android Games from scratch.

Actually there are three ways you can do to reset the android game from scratch. The first is done manually by making the application settings installed, the second using link2sd and the last is the cms curity application. The solution to start an android game from scratch is really all it takes is one that erases data memory from each application. This kind of thing does not only apply to game applications, but also applies to all installed applications. How to delete application data memory manually is enough to do by opening the android application settings and select the installed application. Then tap the application that you want to delete data from, then in the dialog box section the custom will be clear cache and clear data. Then we can just touch clear data, or both of them also doesn’t matter.

The second way is to use link2sd, but the main requirement for installing this one application is that your HH must already be rooted. Actually the main function of this application is to move applications installed internally to external. But besides that, this application can also clean the data and cache files contained in the application. Open the application, and select the game application that you want to reset from the beginning and hold it until a sub menu appears like clear data and so on. Wait and the data and cache wipe process in the Android application will complete.

If both of these methods still feel less helpful, then use the CM security application, in addition to the antivirus application, it can prevent viruses from entering Android , it turns out there is also to clear cache or data that takes up a lot of space on your android phone’s storage. Well maybe that’s just how to reset the android game from the beginning that we can describe on this occasion, hopefully all of this writing can be useful for everyone, that’s all and thank you.

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