Play Borderlands 3 Early

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Find out when Borderlands will launch in your region!. can expect to play Borderlands on PC, PlayStation , and Xbox One. confirmed when the first person looter shooter will unlock on PS, .Preload Borderlands on EGS two days early You can start preloading Borderlands on the EGS hours before release. That places the start time roughly around pm ET on September ..Here s what time Borderlands launches today in pretty much every region. Session ID aeeedbb Player Element in the US, which gets it three hours early because of the time difference..I m really hoping we all can play Borderlands early. Speculations. It is my hope that one of two things happen. . I am hoping BL becomes so polished and .On the console side of things, Gearbox calls the launch schedule a “rolling midnight” release, meaning quite simply that you ll be able to start Borderlands as early as midnight September on PS and Xbox One..The game releases on Sept. , but some people are already playing it..

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