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Zombie Derby 2 MOD APK is a completely different zombie shooting game from the classic shooter you’ve ever played. In this game, you don’t use your hand to shoot, but use the barrel on the car to destroy the aggressive zombies that surround you everywhere.

Introduce about Zombie Derby 2

Fighting with zombies in the dangerous post-apocalyptic world in Zombie Derby 2!

What’s different about Zombie Derby 2?

There have been too many zombie-themed shooters and most have focused on first-person or third-person hand-gun shooting. Although you have always loved the topic of zombies, but want to try a new shooting genre, get rid of the typical examples mentioned above? If so, you should play Zombie Derby 2.

Zombie Derby 2 belongs to the 3D graphics arcade shooter genre. Although classic, the gameplay, and expression are quite daring, showing a completely new approach. In this, the player does not directly hold a gun in his hand to kill zombies anymore, you will drive a car over difficult terrain, and use a large gun equipped on the vehicle to destroy the bloodthirsty zombies raging everywhere.

What difficulties do you face?

First of all is about the number of zombies. At first, it was nothing significant, but later on, they came in droves, making you confused no matter how skillful you are. Vehicles can crush a zombie, guns can shoot many zombies at the same time, but when they reach a very large number, you have to be careful.

Off-road driving is not easy either. Sitting in a battle vehicle with zombies, you will be safer with an extra layer of protection, but in return, you have to constantly drive, and move in different complex terrains. Not to mention sometimes those are the darkest and narrowest streets in the city.

Zombies are not only many but also diverse. Some live long, some move fast, can jump or be huge… The problem is that in Zombie Derby 2, you’re driving and shooting with a car, so aiming to shoot zombies is turned out to be quite difficult. You have to be focused, sharp-eyed, and quick to handle them before they can jump out and cling to the windshield and slowly blacken the car so you can’t turn around.

Take the zombie killing arcade scene in a whole new way

On the way to battle, you will in turn be opened to 8 different car models. When playing, the car moves from left to right of the screen. The general rule of Zombie Derby 2 is that you can use the car to knock everything on the road: from zombies to environmental scenes such as vehicles, rocks, trees, obstacles… It can be said with This is both a great advantage and one of the indescribable excitements of this game. The feeling of driving a car to blow everything away is very exciting.

Essentially Zombie Derby 2 is an off-road driving game. So in addition to wanting to crash comfortably as mentioned above, you also have to overcome the up and down slopes on the road, even later there is a flying screen in the air. The more complex the vehicle in the terrain, the lower the ability to focus on fighting zombies. But you pay attention, when you are crossing the difficult road, it is usually when the zombies rush to bite the most.

Controlling the car in Zombie Derby 2 is also quite easy to get used to, but mastering and applying it to the game is not easy. You have virtual keys on the screen such as acceleration, brake, fire, and navigation keys. The rotation and combination of using these keys will determine your skill when crossing the terrain and killing zombies is also not easy.

During the crossing, a parameter sheet will always be updated and displayed for the player to track his progress and progress: vehicle movement speed, health, fuel, ammo, zombie shooting point, and money collected. Each time you perform combos to kill a bunch of zombies, you will especially get a very high score, equivalent to a lot of bonuses. Remember to do as many combos as possible to shorten the way to unlock new cars and upgrade guns for cars. With a new car, you will have more chances to fight the zombies that are increasing. Playing Zombie Derby 2 must work every minute, but cannot stand still and be satisfied with what you have, this is also the hardest part of this game.
Summary of the main features of Zombie Derby 2

  • Millions of bloodthirsty zombies of various kinds
  • Some guns are capable of destroying a large number of zombies at once
  • There are 8 upgraded vehicles of all shapes, sizes, and unique abilities, such as the Zombie Combine Harvester
  • You can play solo or compete with friends around the world
  • Enhanced with TouchSense Immersion haptic effects

Download Zombie Derby 2 APK & MOD for Android

Zombie Derby 2 has a beautiful 3D design and gloomy space, but everything is meticulously crafted, exotic vehicles are attractive, and the terrain is very difficult. Let’s download and play this exciting zombies game right away!

Zombie Derby 2 1.0.16 Update
– 120 FPS support.
– Fast loading Rating and Ghost Race.
– Fixed crashes on Android 11+.
– Increased ad rewards.
– Minor bug fixes and improvements.

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